A Moment of Gratitude

Most mornings, after I have reviewed my goals, I also type out what I am grateful for. Today, the contrastingly undeliberative feeling of gratitude struck me point-blank while I was sitting outside a Timothy’s Coffee this early afternoon. I had indulged in a chocolate slice of cake and a medium soy latte. I took them outside with my laptop to a little shaded table. As I bit the cake and sipped the latte, I couldn’t help but think, “I am SO frigging fortunate!” I recalled hanging out with my lady friend just minutes earlier, I looked up at the sunny day and warm weather, I thought of the incredible freedom of having a laptop and being able to work on whatever I deemed most important — and was humbled. “WOW!” I can only say similarly. This attitude and the concept behind it I know might seem corny to some people, but believe me — the vast majority of people on this planet will never have a day like this.

I want to acknowledge the fact that I am part of the fortunate few: “Thank you, universe.”

And to anybody reading this, please note: GRATITUDE CRUSHES FEAR.

A Simple Moment of Gratitude