Beatles Cover Night

Tonight I went out to see Bullseye Records‘ live performance of a new double-cd of all Beatles covers. It was a pretty pleasant night — nice to see a big Beatles band with genuine horn section. I bought the $20 cd. It looks like a kooky compilation. 50 covers! I’ll let you know how good it is…

  • Dyniss at 4:49 pm

    OK, this is the first frigging comment in my ENTIRE blog, and it’s from myself. I need to drive some frigging traffic into this place.
    As for the Beatles CD, it wasn’t bad. I much preferred the 2nd of the 2 CD’s. I was surprised at the overall quality of recordings. I guess technology is really getting up there for the independent musician, and the independent musician is figuring out how to use it well.
    My only qualm with the compilation would be that I didn’t think the artists “messed up” the original Beatles versions well enough. Why even bother doing very similar versions of anything? Put your own creative juice into arrangements, I say.