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Humans offer planet warming and whale death

It’s not every day that my blood gets boiling. Sometimes I have to complain about it.
Tonight, I watched “The Arrival” with Charlie Sheen. It wasn’t bad as far as sci-fi movies go, although some of Charlie’s acting needed help. The part that got me going was when an alien said to Charlie, “You know, you’re going to kill the planet in 100 years, so we’re just speeding the process up.” The alien’s race was trying to heat up Earth so they could arrive en masse and occupy the planet. Then the alien said, “If you can’t tend to your own planet, you don’t deserve it.” Sadly, I had to agree with the damn alien! We humans just pummel away at our environment with cars and industry without a care in the world (pun intended). The movie made me re-visit my general frustration with the whole planet-warming thing.
Then I went downstairs to my computer and read an article e-mailed to me from a friend. If you recall a couple of years ago, a huge number of beached whales were found on shore in the U.S. without explanation. It turned out that the U.S. military was testing new sonar in those waters. The sonar literally destroyed the sensitive ear drums in the whales and therefore killed them. Now, after being presented to government, the sonar has been approved for unlimited military use. WHAT?! Am I living in a frigging nightmare where WE are the monsters? Boil, boil, boil…

Green Party PARTY

I played solo at the Ontario Provincial Green Party post-election party last night. No seats were won by the Greens this election, but votes were up by several hundred percent when compared to the last election! If Ontario had fair proportional party representation, then the Greens would have won at least three seats yesterday.
Too bad the sound wasn’t very good and I didn’t play The Green Anthem very well. However, it was awesome to be around so many Greens at once! A few inspiring speeches were given by candidates. I look forward to playing the next Ontario post-election party in 4 years — they’ll definitely win seats then.
In other news, my girlfriend and I will definitely be moving back to Toronto as of November 1st. We’ll soon find out if we get this apartment we want. It’s cool! I definitely have got to get a new regular job in Toronto. Rent is about to double.

Red Hill Valley

On the weekend the only dramatic thing I did was go to a local get-together to oppose the building of the Red Hill Valley Expressway here in Hamilton, Canada. This is yet another long-term planet versus short-term business issue where the natural environment is about to get shafted. I was a little bold and leapt onto the stage when the host was nowhere to be found during presentations, and played the Green Anthem for folks there. There was a great slide presentation by a local resident. You could see he cared so much about this last natural corridor in our city. A part native local fellow gave an incredible speech about our local history. A few poems and rhymes were given. There were video presentations, too. I got seriously choked up when one of the videos made a play on that popular series of credit-card commercials. You know the ones? “Waterproof backpack, $50. Digital watch. $110. Rain coat. $62.” The clincher was, “Red Hill Valley… Priceless.” Then they showed a few stills of a snail and some other natural images that will be wiped away with the building of the Expressway. I was gonna start crying. Crying! So many things are like this!

Shoreline Cleanup

This morning I picked up garbage on a Hamilton bay shoreline with my girlfriend as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. It was pretty fun with great weather and a decent sense of camaraderie with other cleaners. However, I had mixed thoughts, from feeling great about us cleaning up other people’s messes, to realizing that pollution will only get worse with time. Omigod, I think I’m a pessimist! So much for Mr. Positivity! Some of the things our little group found in only a hundred square metres were straws, plastic bags, tampon applicators, syringes, rubber bands, fishing bobbers, toys, cigarillo tips, tennis balls, bottles, tons of unidentifiable plastic pieces, and wrappers for chocolate bars and chips. People just LOVE throwing these things away while they enjoy nature areas. As I looked out at the beautiful birds hanging out about 15 metres from the shoreline, I thought, “sorry, guys”. I felt embarrassed.