Custom Songs Press Release November 2015

(Copied from Muddy Paw PR)


Like a Diamond, a Song is Forever: DYNISS Launches Custom Songs Campaign

Toronto, ON: There’s nothing quite like the care and dedication that goes into a personalized song. Whether you’re telling someone you love them for the first time, or creating a rally cry for your next team meeting, there’s a song for every beautiful moment. That’s where Toronto based singer-songwriter Dyniss comes in. Drawing from over 30 years of music industry experience, Dyniss creates Custom Songs for any occasion.

“Like a diamond, a song is forever,” explains Dyniss. “A song can create an emotional connection like no other media. It can tell a story about someone you love or share a message regarding your business. From weddings and celebrations to advertising and meeting kickoffs, a Custom Song can bring joy and connection to listeners.”

Taking the time to get to know every person that comes his way, Dyniss ensures that each song is 100% handcrafted to fit your needs, vision and budget. When you share an original track by Dyniss, you share a unique experience that you have helped crystallize.

Previous clients have included the Green Party of Canada. Dyniss has also produced over one thousand personalized Christmas songs and released four of his own albums.

Speaker-singer-songwriter Dyniss (rhymes with “slyness”) writes custom songs and engages audiences with cell phones and microphones. He transcends the live audience relationship by asking audience members questions about interesting things before integrating their responses into each song. It’s like seeing a talk show host use music to ask questions. Based in Toronto (Canada), Dyniss spends most of his time with medium- to large organizations to inspire their employees with his songs — loaded with stories, messages or lessons. Learn more about the organizational work at dyniss.com/keynotes.

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