Does your day job feel sucky?

Does your day job feel sucky?

It’s possible that you’ll think it sucks less when you consider facts like this one: a quarter of the world’s population has to spend an entire year’s wages to buy the computer/ phone/ tablet you’re reading this email on.

Thinking about a big picture like that can make you feel happier because it can trigger your sense of gratitude.

Does your day job still feel sucky?

It’s possible that your day job (or anything else that’s a responsibility — like a simple household chore) still feels sucky because you’re running around like crazy trying to deal with it.

However, in every case, you’re probably doing what you’re doing because you have an underlying goal. That goal might be to pay the bills each month or make your house look nice for a visitor. Is the underlying goal worth it? Can the goal be modified? If you need to stick with the exact same underlying goal, then try this: think about and focus on the goal intensely for 10 seconds. Just doing that can make you feel happier because you answer “why” you’re doing what you’re doing.

Hopefully the above thought techniques can help you feel happier about everything from selling vacuum cleaners to taking care of your grandma.

See and hear my new music video about this concept through the song, “I Am Running” on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcTVY7fYY1A

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Video image from Dyniss’ original song, “I Am Running.” There are ways to tackle the feeling of a sucky job or a responsibility.