Days of Less Music

These are the days of less music. My day job has intensified following a promotion. I come home, I’m pretty darn tired, and I avoid spending even more time than I did at work in front of a computer for the recording, website maintenance, show booking, or promotional activities that musicians are obligated to take care of. And let’s not talk about songwriting or rehearsing! But the few songs I have been writing have become even slightly weirder than my usual fare. I saw myself twice on video and thought I was a bit dull, so as a solo artist I think I have to make my songs weirder to keep an audience’s attention. I have definitely been influenced by quirky Hamilton musician Wax Mannequin, an excellent and unusual solo artist.
After the two shows I have next week, I’ll take a break, see what happens energy-wise, and feel where I should go. Creatively, I am very interested in focusing on creating simple video to accompany me while I play. This would also add to making my shows more interesting. It would be a heck of a lot of work and a costly investment in equipment, but that’s what feels right.

  • llaura at 9:33 pm

    Hi there Dyniss. I have been enjoying listening to your performances over the years, with your characteristically sensitive and heartfelt sentiment. Your skills as a conveyer of emotional content, as displayed through lyrics and music are fantastic and instantly recognizable—in fact, your deepest gift I believe, musically, is your ability to portray through song a ‘feeling’ of tenderness and intimacy through your voice. As a producer/engineer, your technical abilities are great too.


    Laura and ITO (the dog with a shito!)