Eat That Frog

Today I did a couple of things first that normally I would prefer to do last (or not at all) on my list of to-do’s. This is a simple concept, best summarized (IMHO) by Brian Tracy in his book, “Eat That Frog.” The short story is: Eat the biggest and ugliest (most difficult) task(s) first each day. This is one of many usable keys to personal and professional success. It sometimes may not even feel good to decide to take the first bite of your biggest/ugliest frog, but when it has been completed, you feel great. This is what I did today, and will constantly improve myself by increasing the frequency. P.S. No actual frogs were harmed or consumed during this process — I am vegetarian after all! 😉


“Frog” by Paris Neto via Flickr Creative Commons