Endless Audio Preparation

I have been surprised by an invite to go overseas. Flight and accommodation are basically taken care of and I am incredibly grateful. However this will be a trip less scenic, brief or relaxing than Sedona recently and I’ll probably have to park my “official” business work. Therefore, I have been preparing for DAYS to record some of my songs while I’m there. I want to do the work on my little MacBook Air. For all you audio geeks, I planned to use my ULN-2, AT4050 and upgrade to Logic Pro X. As part of the Logic upgrade, I had to also upgrade all of my plug-ins to 64-bit versions. What a cumulative set of headaches. For example, did you know that a legacy ULN-2 won’t receive enough Firewire power from a MacBook Air through a Thunderbolt-to-Firewire adapter? Extra DC power as recommended by the manufacturer wasn’t helping, either. So after several days of installations and troubleshooting, I have shocked myself by deciding to DOWNGRADE my fancy equipment to one little Apogee USB microphone. Me — audiophile — recording on significantly cheaper gear than I already own. Oh well. The convenience in the end in my mind outweighs the technical hardware and software issues which I couldn’t tackle in time for my departure. Will the compromise be worth it?
Trusted AT4050 (left) vs new wee Apogee Mic