Humans offer planet warming and whale death

It’s not every day that my blood gets boiling. Sometimes I have to complain about it.
Tonight, I watched “The Arrival” with Charlie Sheen. It wasn’t bad as far as sci-fi movies go, although some of Charlie’s acting needed help. The part that got me going was when an alien said to Charlie, “You know, you’re going to kill the planet in 100 years, so we’re just speeding the process up.” The alien’s race was trying to heat up Earth so they could arrive en masse and occupy the planet. Then the alien said, “If you can’t tend to your own planet, you don’t deserve it.” Sadly, I had to agree with the damn alien! We humans just pummel away at our environment with cars and industry without a care in the world (pun intended). The movie made me re-visit my general frustration with the whole planet-warming thing.
Then I went downstairs to my computer and read an article e-mailed to me from a friend. If you recall a couple of years ago, a huge number of beached whales were found on shore in the U.S. without explanation. It turned out that the U.S. military was testing new sonar in those waters. The sonar literally destroyed the sensitive ear drums in the whales and therefore killed them. Now, after being presented to government, the sonar has been approved for unlimited military use. WHAT?! Am I living in a frigging nightmare where WE are the monsters? Boil, boil, boil…