I’m in another band now

I haven’t yet mentioned that I started playing with these other three fellows who are calling themselves “Fifteen Minute Lecture”. However, I think the band name might change. They’ve been together for 6 months and never had a show. I replied to an ad I saw on KickInTheHead.com. They’re good guys, and they’re playing my style of music. Mike and I had a chat at my solo show on the weekend about potential conflicts with me and my solo music career, versus playing with them. I basically said, “I’m playing with you guys because I’m enjoying it and I’m simply not thinking beyond that”, which is true. But they’re learning my songs, and I’m learning theirs. We joked about “Fifteen Minute Lecture, featuring Dyniss”, or “Dyniss and the Fifteen Minute Lecture”, depending on the show. But I think that’s a bit silly.