July 2015 Newsletter – New album, music video, more!


One of the greatest challenges and most satisfying pursuits for a music artist is completing a collection of professional-level song recordings. My new album The Second Fistful is finished. It has two unique qualities: First, each song is preceded by a “speakquel” (a spoken prequel describing what each song is about). Second, forty-three people were interviewed regarding the lyrical theme of each song. Their answers were edited directly into the music. Five songs plus six “speakquels” are available for your listening pleasure and download here.

dyniss the second fistful new album cover

PS my grandfather did the artwork (etching into wood plus acrylic).


I don’t make tons of electronic music, but that might change in the future based on the amazing feedback received so far for this particular song. The message of Iguanas is: If you can accept a strange iguana, you can accept more humans. I asked forty-three people what they would say to themselves to be more accepting of others. Their whispered responses are part of the song and music video production. I would love to hear what you think through this song if you ever attend one of my live shows. Visually, the music video is reminiscent of David Bowie. Click here to watch the music video on YouTube.
iguanas music video new album
Direct link to video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Trs0gz0lg


If you’ve seen one of my live shows in the last year, you’ve seen me walk into the audience with my microphone to elicit responses regarding the song themes I have spoken or sung about. In the last few months, I experimented with audiences by asking attendees to use their cell phones instead. “Wow!” The audience response rate has been much higher. Cell phone responses allow people to remain anonymous — and I think folks like pounding on their cell phones in general. For large shows, I will likely use software to project live curated responses on screen. Perhaps that will be the future of the live show.


Here is a new album review from Infectious Magazine.
Here is a new audio interview (podcast) where I talk about the pros and cons of recording your own album with Toronto producer Harrison Fine.
Here are some new images from a photo shoot with Toronto photographer Mondo Lulu.
Here is a blog entry about the three reasons that keep us from finishing things (like an album or a project).
Here is a blog entry about the importance of interviews. Here is the video interview with me on YouTube that triggered the blog entry.


1. “Thinkertain” the audience at your event with inspiring speaking and songs. The audience is engaged with cell phones and microphones.
2. Write and record a world-class song for you, your loved one, or your business. The song can be performed live exclusively at your event or meeting.

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