A keynote by Dyniss is a unique blend of speaking, team building and entertainment.

Could your upcoming event or meeting:
Lack a unique presentation?
Risk boring an audience?
Repeat with a stereotypical speaker?
Do nothing for your audience’s productivity?

Then try a positive low-risk investment: Dyniss the Man of Song.

Thought exercises and improvement strategies abound. It’s like seeing the self-improvement principles of Tony Robbins mixed with the songwriting sensibilities of Jason Mraz.

Dyniss shares enlightening stories from his personal world or his corporate history. He draws from the most scientific information available rather than speculating on any matter. He adds 3 enhancements to traditional keynotes:
1. Original music to anchor and entertain the audience.
2. Two-way audience involvement with anonymous cell phone texting.
3. A custom song written and performed exclusively for you and your audience (optional).

At every keynote, Dyniss asks clever questions and gets everybody to open up on interesting thought experiments. Powerpoint slides or handheld signs help keep the audience focused. From gratitude in the workplace to change management, you can choose songs designed to align with any event.

People recall emotions better than information. Solidify the memories of your event or meeting with Dyniss’ full keynote. Alternatively, have him perform just one or two appropriate songs at transition points. Need an Emcee? Dyniss takes care of your audience as an inspiring hybrid host. Your attendees will talk enthusiastically about their experience after the event.


Dyniss has a library of original songs that work within the thinkertainment concept. Choose any of the below songs for the outcomes you desire. Each song equals around a 10-minute segment of inspirational speaking + a question to the audience + a live song. Questions can be modified for your audience.

dyniss live songs list


The more engaged an organization’s members become, the more they will increase output, reduce cost and remain loyal. If you’re planning an event for an organization, then consider replacing your usual speaker with Dyniss to provide an outcome that can be practically applied in the workplace — or in real life. The “halo effect” is increased positive interaction among your internal and external customers. See what the scientific benefits are through The Best Employers in Canada.


The song choices above can be chosen to create an overall Theme. Does your event or organization have an overarching strategy? Engage your attendees with aligned song choices. Choose any Theme that matches your organization’s current activities or improvement goals:

MINI THEME: SOUND BUSINESS: How to Leverage Music and Songs in Your Business

Learn how to leverage music and songs in your business, your association or your organization. Dyniss shares his story of writing a theme song how it helped one particular organization. This straightforward and educational Theme is suited for an audience of professionals or decision makers who might consider using audio to spread their messages. It’s a short yet fun educational segment.

THE GRATITUDE PROCESS: The Power of Appreciation

Learn how to be grateful as an individual and as a group. Intentionally embracing gratitude can diminish common feelings of fear and stress. Gratitude expressed to customers is proven to improve social relationships and financial returns. Gratitude expressed within an organization with other members is proven to increase employee morale and overall happiness.


Learn how to detect opportunity gaps and close them by innovating or improving an existing product, service or process. An entrepreneur is a leadership-oriented individual who is willing to take risks and show initiative by taking advantage of opportunities through planning, organizing and executing strategies and tactics


Learn how to solve problems, create friendly competition, develop relationships and create numerous synergies through teamwork. Teamwork is any work that is performed by two or more people — each doing a part — by subordinating their individual prominence for the efficiency of the whole.


Learn how to anticipate change, then thrive through it. Change management is the process of methodically transitioning from a current state to a different and improved future state. Intentional positive change ensures lasting benefits for the organization and its individuals.


Missing a theme song? A jingle? A dedication or love song? Dyniss can write and produce a world-class song for you from scratch. He can perform it exclusively at your event. Use a studio recording of it — forever — for your future events, branding, your website, advertising, promotions, etc.


Inspire and enjoy thinkertainment at your event through a unique and memorable experience with Dyniss. Contact him now for a phone meeting or face-to-face meeting.

647.870.8733 — cell
contact[at]dyniss[dot]com — email


Footage here is from two shows in December 2014. Clips at the beginning are from a corporate holiday show, while clips at the very end are from a not-for-profit’s celebration. At both shows, Dyniss mixed speaking with original songs and questions to the audiences. All interaction was through microphones rather than cell phone texting.