March 2015 Newsletter

This is a blog post duplicate of the recent email newsletter, so I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve been up to, what’s to come and what you might like to leverage.  I intend to provide you with something valuable to read or pursue.

As you may already know, I’ve been pursuing medium and large organizations to speak and play live at.  There’s a separate sister website for that here.  By blending public speaking with songs, I create “Team Bonding” (a diet version of “Team Building” if you know what that is).  If you work for an organization that gets at least forty people together for meetings or events, then consider messaging me.  I would add fun and interaction to your organization’s yearly / quarterly / special event or meeting.  If you empowered me to book a live show or write a song for any organization, then I would offer you some personal compensation.  Message me if that sounds like your new side business.  🙂   If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then click on the below YouTube link — it will lead to a recent corporate holiday show video.  You’ll get an idea of what I’m up to:

dyniss live show corporate

At a corporate show.

Direct link to video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPZEL0UZEAs

One of my recent public live shows was Wonderfest (see photo below), whose theme was “empowerment.”  You can always visit my website shows page for future gigs.  The next public show is called Vegan Rock.  I’d love to see you there on Thursday April 9 at Supermarket Bar in Toronto.  Don’t be afraid of the title of the show — all diet lifestyles are more than welcome to support this fundraiser for the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  PS there will be amazing baked goods to enjoy.

dyniss live wonderfest

Live at Wonderfest.

I’ve been studying the worlds of psychology and self-improvement to be a more effective “thinkertainer.”  I’ve subsequently been blogging a bit about the better related books I’ve been reading.  My newest post is on the concept of dishonesty.  Are we naturally dishonest?  The proven answer is that we all are, some of the time.  If you’re interested in learning more about that surprising phenomenon, you could click through to read more:
Direct link to blog post — http://dyniss.com/are-we-naturally-dishonest/

I’m in a group called the Toronto Songwriters Association.  Each month, we agree on a songwriting assignment to complete and deliver the next month.  This month, I delivered a fresh original song called, “What Do You Think?”  The assignment was to use or be inspired by somebody else’s writing.  I used my step-grandmother’s poetry.  The resultant song questions what goes on in other humans’ minds and is probably good enough to make it into a future album.  Next month’s assignment is to write something about, “a surprise.”  PS: If you’d like to have me create a custom song for yourself for any reason (e.g. a gift for your loved one), then message me.

I’m still working intermittently on my upcoming album, “The Second Fistful.”  It’s going to be superbly interesting because it will integrate around fifty spoken voices into the songs.  I don’t have a release date yet, but “it’s getting there!”

If you’re in the music business like yours truly, then you might be interested in hanging out with me at one of two Toronto groups I’ve been attending regularly — “Balanced Breakfast” or “BS Fridays” — both of which are great for chatting with like-minded individuals.  Message me for an invite.

1. “Thinkertain” the audience at your event with inspiring speaking and songs. The audience becomes part of the performance.
2. Write and record a world-class song for you, your loved one, or your organization.

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