This is the sort of shit nobody likes to read: I was paralyzed for most of today. And it’s only Day 2 of recording my experience. Paralysis is sometimes the result of not reporting to or being accountable to anybody else. You sit there thinking empowering thoughts like, “There’s no point to this.” I believe various tricks can get you out of such a state, such as making an appointment with somebody even though you don’t have to. Sadly, I couldn’t find any interviewees through my short effort to make such an appointment. The other sting of the day (although I give myself 1 point for traveling there): I went cold to visit a business manager at one of the businesses nearby whose problems I’m ultimately looking to solve. He refused to speak with me, using words like “private” and “busy” and “no” repeatedly. He didn’t like me. I left his business with my tail between my legs. Notes to self: 1. Dress better for a cold call. 2. Get more recommendations so you can open with something like, “Hi Raymond, Bill said you might want to speak with me.”