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4 Song Keynote



Need a keynote to kick off, transition, focus, peak or finish your event or celebration? Dyniss delivers speaking and musical “thinkertainment” for you with 4 (or more) songs of your choice.

A keynote consists of several segments, each of which include some public speaking (average 5 minutes), the performance of 1 song (average 4 minutes) and some audience interaction in the middle (average 3 minutes). Therefore, each segment takes around 12 minutes to complete. 4 of these equal an average total keynote length of 48 minutes. This can be longer or shorter — it’s your call.

Although you can choose any songs, there are recommended Themes that contain original song choices. Consider what you wish your audience or recipients to enjoy and think about at your event. Dyniss will ensure that all the songs you choose involve your attendees by inviting them to send anonymous text messages to answer questions like, “What’s best about your work environment?” or “Can you share a great memory of the bride?” Responses can be shared live on stage in the middle of each song. Alternatively, Dyniss can walk into the aisles to elicit opinions and comments related to the songs. It makes everybody feel like they’re part of the performance and it’s the sort of experience everybody remembers.

In terms of song choices or Themes, it might be a good idea to contact Dyniss before making this purchase. Also consider making 1 of the 4 (or more) songs a new Custom Song written specifically for your business or your loved one.

E-commerce here will be processed through PayPal. This transaction creates the entire payment at once, so if you want a 50% down payment only option or the option to stagger payments, then please contact Dyniss.

Choose a unique, dependable and experienced performer: Dyniss the Man of Song.