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Custom Song — Instrumental



The Instrumental Custom Song is the most affordable type of Custom Song because lyrics and vocals (the most challenging components of a song) are eliminated. Written and produced professionally, the Instrumental Custom Song is arranged with either a few instruments or with many instruments, based on your desires or requirements. It can convey any mood you want through the magic of sound. Use one for your business or organization. Feel comfortable that only you will have this unique music associated with your brand. Re-enforce brand loyalty by including it in every situation possible, from team meetings to online multimedia for the public.

A purchase of any Custom Song includes an unlimited license for your purposes. Use it at events, for marketing, advertising, commercials, podcasts, videos, websites, promotions, team bonding, meeting kickoffs / transitions / conclusions and more.

The Instrumental Custom Song will be delivered to you “radio ready” and for the future will include multiple versions that will allow voiceovers to be added. Common format lengths (15 seconds edited, 30 seconds edited) are included.

Songwriting, production, recording, mixing and mastering are all included.

Do you already have a musical idea? No problem — Dyniss will help you bring it to fruition by discussing it with you in detail and integrating in any way you’d like.

Regarding cost: If you do comparative shopping, you will find that many online Custom Song prices are lower. However, through such services, you will likely receive lower quality songwriting, lower quality production and lower quality recording or mixing or mastering. Listening to website demos can reveal this. It’s also possible that the music would be developed through the use of unknown or foreign studios or unknown audio engineers. Alternatively, does your friend or cousin (for example) have their own home studio and could make a song for less? Sure they could — but the quality and options would likely also be significantly lower. Dyniss spent an entire decade engineering several hundred recording artists and worked directly with many talented engineers and producers.

With Dyniss, you shall receive a world-class professional product. The cost is below an average record company music producer cost, yet includes the songwriting. It’s a significant cost advantage.

Turnaround time after discussing song design is 3 weeks. Faster delivery is possible. Dyniss will contact you within 48 hours of your order to find out your specific needs.

E-commerce here will be processed through PayPal. This transaction creates the entire payment at once, so if you want a 50% down payment only option or the option to stagger payments, then please contact Dyniss.

Create something that will last forever: your own song.