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Hey Sophie (2002)



Hey Sophie [The Christmas Dedication Song] is about giving things for Christmas that money can’t buy, such as your time or your home-made cookies or your hugs. Recipients of this personalized song have smiled, laughed or cried with joy hearing their names in the lyrics. You can dedicate a FREE e-card of this song to somebody you care about through Dyniss’ Christmas website: There are over 1000 versions to email your loved ones for free. If, for some reason, your loved one’s name is so unique that it isn’t available, Dyniss will sing ANY name for you through THIS website’s e-commerce if you purchase this item. You’ll receive an mp3 of The Christmas Dedication Song, sung specially by Dyniss. Imagine replacing the “Sophie” example with a name of your choice. Please allow 3 days’ turnaround.
IMPORTANT: You MUST enter the exact spelling (and pronunciation please) of the name you want when you check out where it says, “Additional Information / Order Notes.” EXAMPLE: “Gwyneth pronounced like GWIN-eth.”