Red Hill Valley

On the weekend the only dramatic thing I did was go to a local get-together to oppose the building of the Red Hill Valley Expressway here in Hamilton, Canada. This is yet another long-term planet versus short-term business issue where the natural environment is about to get shafted. I was a little bold and leapt onto the stage when the host was nowhere to be found during presentations, and played the Green Anthem for folks there. There was a great slide presentation by a local resident. You could see he cared so much about this last natural corridor in our city. A part native local fellow gave an incredible speech about our local history. A few poems and rhymes were given. There were video presentations, too. I got seriously choked up when one of the videos made a play on that popular series of credit-card commercials. You know the ones? “Waterproof backpack, $50. Digital watch. $110. Rain coat. $62.” The clincher was, “Red Hill Valley… Priceless.” Then they showed a few stills of a snail and some other natural images that will be wiped away with the building of the Expressway. I was gonna start crying. Crying! So many things are like this!