Shoreline Cleanup

This morning I picked up garbage on a Hamilton bay shoreline with my girlfriend as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. It was pretty fun with great weather and a decent sense of camaraderie with other cleaners. However, I had mixed thoughts, from feeling great about us cleaning up other people’s messes, to realizing that pollution will only get worse with time. Omigod, I think I’m a pessimist! So much for Mr. Positivity! Some of the things our little group found in only a hundred square metres were straws, plastic bags, tampon applicators, syringes, rubber bands, fishing bobbers, toys, cigarillo tips, tennis balls, bottles, tons of unidentifiable plastic pieces, and wrappers for chocolate bars and chips. People just LOVE throwing these things away while they enjoy nature areas. As I looked out at the beautiful birds hanging out about 15 metres from the shoreline, I thought, “sorry, guys”. I felt embarrassed.