SHOW – Green Party Rhino Bar & Grill

(back-dated to night of show)
I was surprised and pleased that the Rhino Bar & Grill donated a large upstairs space to the Green Party cause, specifically for Canadian Federal Green Party hopeful Mark O’Brien. In addition to being a good speaker, he danced, he sang, and he played live Andean folk music as well! His band of 7 was decent and musically honest. The massive pan pipes blew me away — no pun intended.
As for my own performance, I performed a new grand total of 6 slide-show songs. They went on basically without a hitch. I noticed several people puzzled with my unorthodox presentation, including Provincial Green Frank de Jong, who was a very pleasant fellow and conveyed the usual good qualities of a leader.
I chatted with various other people there, including Alex, Andrew, Sam, Gary, and others. There were quite a few South Americans at this show, definitely due to Mark O’Brien’s ties to the band and his family. Those of us Canadian-born would not have hit the dancefloor were it not for their easy dancing, especially this wee little fellow (Mark’s son I think) whose bundled energy kept him running and dancing around all night. Pretty cute.
Anyway — good show, good times — good luck to the Greens on Canada’s Jan 23 election.

  • Gary at 1:59 pm


    Great show at the green party – very creative. I look forward to seeing you out there again and will be following up with some possible venues etc. I really appreciate the community element and support that i saw at that event.

    Healthy regards to all,

  • Andrew at 10:15 pm

    Thanks Dyniss, for you know, archiving my friends and I and all. The music was definitely ‘decent and musically honest’ and the free books were a plus.
    Mark O’Brien for minister of culture, is what I say.
    Happy election day before descent into artistic hell realms under the Harper Hell Realm crew who were deprived of art as children.

  • Dyniss at 10:57 pm

    Ah yes, “the books”. Forgot about those. Wasn’t there some hidden agenda behind them or something? Can’t remember now… 🙂