Is your time worth more than anything else?

Your time could arguably be your most valuable possession. Certainly you have shared some time with somebody before and experienced how meaningful it can be.

When we kindly share our time, we tend to feel better about ourselves, about the recipient and about the relationship with the recipient. It’s quite easy to share time — only the intention is required to begin — and even giving a little bit could have a great effect.

This holiday season, if you want to feel better than you already do, you could try giving a bit of your time to somebody. Anybody.

You already know how to share your time in traditional ways (keep doing that), but here are a few very modern / easy ways:

1. Try writing an email (or replying to an email) using more thoughtfulness and more words than you would normally ever use.
2. Try communicating directly with somebody in more meaningful detail on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram than you normally ever would.
3. Try finding (and then sharing) a link or an attachment of a relevant song, video or article with somebody whom you might not normally share anything with.

People will notice. However, as with all giving, I recommend that you don’t expect anything back — even a response. What always counts is what you did and the intention behind it.

My personalized Christmas song, “Hey Sophie” carries the same message. It’s about giving things that money can’t buy. At ChristmasDedication.com, you can send e-cards of this message for only the time it takes to type somebody’s email and whatever message you care to share.

clock hands time roman numerals

Is time worth more than anything else? “Old Clock” image via Creative Commons via Flickr via William Warby.